7 Steps to Clean Your Home Library the Proper Way

Home Library

Does your library look and smell like dirt and dust have taken over your books? There’s only one thing to do then—clean it like you never did before! Follow these steps, and your library will look and smell fresh.

  1. Remove the book shelves if possible. Don’t get a cloth or a broom just yet. Make sure you have a designated area outside the library to place your shelves and books before doing this step.
  2. Clean the shelves. Remove the books and pile them someplace else—don’t disarrange. If the shelves are metal, bring them outside the house and clean them with a pressure washer. Visit http://pressurewasherplanet.com/ for all your pressure washing needs. You can also check out this link to figure out what will happen to pressure washers by 2022! If they are made of wood, use a dry cloth or a dry duster to clean them. Don’t forget to clean the corners! If some of the shelves can’t be removed, then clean them using a dry duster. Leave no spider webs! Use a broom and a dustpan if needed. The shelves should be clean from dust to bottom. If necessary, such as when grime and stains have already accumulated, use a duster previously soaked in warm water. Note that the duster should be squeezed to get rid of excess water. Let the shelves dry completely. Be patient; it might take a while.
  3. Pile of booksClean your books. Use a dry cotton towel or cloth to clean the jackets and hardcovers of the books. To make sure the sides are tidy, fasten a tiny, soft brush to the end of your vacuum hose and use it to clean the sides. If there are remaining dirt on the covers of your book, use a damp cloth and allow them to dry entirely before placing back the jackets and putting them in place.
  4. Clean your chairs and tables. It’s better to read in a tidy environment—one with no clutter. Clean up your desks and tables using warm, soapy water and drying them off with a towel or cloth. Also, clean your lamps using dry cloth (ensure that it’s not plugged). Remove table and chair marks using with soapy water as well. If the marks are still visible, spray dilute vodka or vinegar and gently rub them.
  5. Clean the windows. Use a damp sponge to do this. You might need a pail of water near you when you perform this step.
  6. Clean the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the whole library floor. If necessary, mop the floor to remove the stains and the collected filth.
  7. Return the shelves and the books. Once everything—floor, shelves, books, chairs, and tables—is dry, return them to their respective positions.

Home Library

Voila! A tidy, fresh, inspiring library! I assure you, after doing these steps, you might never want to get out of the library!

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