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A Certain Tale About Jigsaws

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We all know how saws can be when it comes to creativity as we cut through pieces of wood that are meant to create something new with a better purpose in one’s life. We also know how saws can be when it comes to innovativity as we trim through pieces of wood that are meant to innovate something old for a better purpose in one’s life.

But did you know that there’s more to saws than it seems to be – or more specifically, when it comes to a certain tale about jigsaws?

You see, jigsaws are not just known all over the world for being power tools that fall under a flexible hybrid between two other power tools. Jigsaws are now known to be scroll saws, the kind of saws that are not only great for when you are creating something new with exactness and as you need it to be but also great for when you are fixing something old with smoothness as you want it to be – making for a certain tale about jigsaws like the one where they are used like they’re something that can separate puzzle pieces from each other when, in fact, it’s the other way around as they join puzzle pieces with each other.

And did you know that there’s more to saws than it seems to be – or more specifically, when it comes to a certain tale about jigsaws?

You also see, jigsaws are not just known all over the world for being work tools that fall under a reliable fusion between two other work tools. Jigsaws are now known to be scroll saws, the kind of saws that are not only great for when you are creating something new with strength and as you need it to be but also great for when you are fixing something old with patience as you want it to be – making for a certain tale about jigsaws like the one where they are used like they’re something that can end puzzle pieces from each other when, in fact, it’s the other way around as they start puzzle pieces with each other.

A certain tale about jigsaws, which is pretty much like how the top jig saw picks in my opinion goes – one that not only proves how useful they are in one’s life no matter who they, but also proves how versatile they are in one’s life no matter where they are.

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Targeting A Great Book

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Ever wondered how bookworms manage to scan great books you never knew displayed on the shelf every time they come inside a bookstore? Ever wondered how bookworms manage to score great books you never knew existed on the shelf every time they come outside a bookstore?

You see, bookworms don’t only scan great books in a bookstore. They look for one. You also see, bookworms don’t only score great books. They find one.

And for the love of books, it’s what most people would call targeting a great book.

Now, you might ask: How in the world can one target a great book?

Here are some tips just for you:

Visit not just one bookstore.

Looking for a great book in a bookstore is one thing. Looking for a great book in just one bookstore is another thing. Not only will your book options be limited, but also restricted when it comes to story value and even price value. Thus, you should visit not just one bookstore. If you can, visit every bookstore within the city you’re living in. And mind you, you will not just target a great book. You might target someone who reads books, as well as loves words just as much as you do.

Search not just one review.

We all know how the purchase number of books often rely on critic reviews. We also know how the purchase number of books sometimes rely on customer reviews. Thus, it’s only right for you to search not just one review. This will allow you to have a better judgement when it comes to the kind of great book you’re targeting, as well as a better argument when it comes to other kinds of good books you’re not targeting. Who knows? You might go for the latter, rather than a great book that only exists in your mind.

Indeed, great books are not only scanned in bookstores. They are looked for, even by bookworms. And indeed, great books are not only scored in bookstores. They are found, especially by bookworms.

How about you?

How do you look for a great book? How do you find a great book?

How do you target a great book? How can one target a great book?

Share your thoughts with us below!

You can also check out for more on targeting – only this time, with a bow and an arrow like what Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is best known for using.

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The 5 Books About Cannabis You Should Read

weed on hand

Get to know the weed that makes you high! With these books, you’ll be able to discover its secrets and enjoy your next session better.

You can thank me later.

Weed: The User’s Guide

From the book title itself, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what the book is about. Written by David Schmader, this write-up covers everything you need to know about your favorite plant. And by everything, I mean knowing what you should do when you’re stoned up to the risks of smoking marijuana. Obviously, if you’re looking for a cannabis guide, this is the guide you need.

man smoking pot

Cannabis: A History

For this book’s author, Martin Booth, it’s not enough that you know how to use weed; you should also know its history. It will take you back in time when the legalization of marijuana didn’t matter much yet. The book also presents the religious history of cannabis.

Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know

Okay, so we’re done with the history and the guide on how to use weed. What about its issues now? If you have tons of questions about the legalization of marijuana, read this book written by Angela Hawken, Jonathan Caulkins, Mark Kleiman, and Beau Kilmer. Published in 2012, it features the most asked questions about smoking weed. Get to know more about its legalization requirements and effects in this book. There’s no reason not to read it. Honestly.

The Hasheesh Eater: Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean

You’ll have to thank Fitz Hugh Ludlow for this book he wrote in 1857, and that’s because he presented experiments that make it easier for you to understand cannabis. It’s an interesting book for an interesting reader. Need I say more?

The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World

The last book on our list is the book written by Michael Pollan. It doesn’t only talk about marijuana, it also speaks of the demands of people for sustenance, beauty, sweetness, and intoxication. This book will challenge your critical thinking skills, and you’re going to love it. Plus, the book features the evolution of apple, potato, and tulip aside from cannabis.

weed on hand

I’m confident you’re excited about growing marijuana at home now, so why don’t you check out the best LED grow lights for growing weed and start your marijuana garden right away?

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How to Give Your Books a Cozy Home

Library with books

If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a library at home or at least plan to have one. We all know books are gems that should be taken care of properly. After all, they deserve a clean and beautiful home too! So how will you give them the home they’re entitled to?

With spray paint!

Although spray paint is commonly used for vandalizing, it can also be utilized for a good cause. This article will instruct you how to spray paint your current or future library room the easy way and give your books a cozy home!

Prep the Library

  1. Book shelfRemove all furniture and objects from the library. If you have large furniture that is impossible to take out, place them in the middle of the room and cover it using plastic. Take out light switch and outlet plates as well and put them in a safe area. Using painter’s tape, cover the outlets and switches.
  2. Cover everything that you don’t want to get painted.
  3. Clean the ceiling, walls, and floors using a towel or a vacuum cleaner. If they’re super dirty, use soapy water. You can also combine trisodium phosphate and water. If necessary, fill the cracks and gaps with a filler and smooth the surface. Everything should be free from dirt. Filth will prevent paint from completely sticking on the surface.
  4. Scrape off cracked paint and other bumps.
  5. Prime using a high-quality primer.

Paint the Library

  1. Get your paint sprayer. Remember to invest only in one of the best paint sprayers on the market; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the results.
  2. Install the paint in your spray gun and begin spraying the ceiling! If you’re a beginner, it’s best to practice spraying a cardboard first. Also, make sure the nozzle is always perpendicular to the surface and is about 12 inches away from it.
  3. After paint spraying the ceiling, paint the walls. Lastly, the floor. When you paint the floor, do so by rows to avoid stepping on the paint. Tip: Use wall stencils related to your favorite books or characters to give your library a more personal look!

Arrange the Items

Library with books

  1. Make sure to give at least 24 hours for the entire room to dry thoroughly before returning the furniture and the objects.
  2. Before returning anything, plan where everything should be placed first. Should the items and furniture occupy their original positions or be set in a new location?
  3. If you wish, you can even spray paint the shelves and cabinets before returning them.

Here’s a video that can help you use a paint sprayer better. Enjoy!

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5 Jigsaw Projects That Would Make Book Lovers Read More

Even though phones, computers, and other gadgets are influential, there are still those who love paperbacks and the smell of books—they are called bibliophiles. If you’re a lover and a collector of books, these projects will surely make you rush to the nearest hardware store and purchase a jigsaw! Take a look at these ideas:

  1. wooden lamp vectorWooden Lamp – With a jigsaw, you can shape your lamp any way you want—from The Lord of the Rings’ Treebeard to the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter! Surely, your imaginations are going wild now. Just imagine reading your favorite book under your lamp. Aside from it being useful, it’s also a great decoration just like this one. How delightful!
  2. Adirondack Chair – Every book lover needs a special chair where he can sit while he travels to another world. A unique chair for your reading activity is like a time machine that’ll take you someplace else. And of course, it’s a better chair because you made it yourself!
  3. Wooden Speaker CoverWooden Cover for Speaker – Sometimes the eyes can get exhausted, but the ears are still willing to listen. For those who are welcome to innovation, audio books can be their friend. So whenever you feel like you just want to lay down but still be able to finish a book, you can always play an audio book and let your speaker narrate the story. By giving your speakers a wooden cover, you’re making it special even more. Plus, it’s a great project to show off to your book club!
  4. Book Shelf – Of course, this is on the list! Bibliophiles will never have enough book shelves! With a jigsaw, your designs can be as unique as you want them to be. This is what’s great about the tool—it doesn’t hinder you from being creative! It’s like it’s telling you, “Just be as innovative as you can be.” Such a supportive, powerful tool it is.

Don’t go rushing to the hardware store just yet! Before you purchase a jigsaw for these projects, visit first.

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7 Steps to Clean Your Home Library the Proper Way

Home Library

Does your library look and smell like dirt and dust have taken over your books? There’s only one thing to do then—clean it like you never did before! Follow these steps, and your library will look and smell fresh.

  1. Remove the book shelves if possible. Don’t get a cloth or a broom just yet. Make sure you have a designated area outside the library to place your shelves and books before doing this step.
  2. Clean the shelves. Remove the books and pile them someplace else—don’t disarrange. If the shelves are metal, bring them outside the house and clean them with a pressure washer. Visit for all your pressure washing needs. You can also check out this link to figure out what will happen to pressure washers by 2022! If they are made of wood, use a dry cloth or a dry duster to clean them. Don’t forget to clean the corners! If some of the shelves can’t be removed, then clean them using a dry duster. Leave no spider webs! Use a broom and a dustpan if needed. The shelves should be clean from dust to bottom. If necessary, such as when grime and stains have already accumulated, use a duster previously soaked in warm water. Note that the duster should be squeezed to get rid of excess water. Let the shelves dry completely. Be patient; it might take a while.
  3. Pile of booksClean your books. Use a dry cotton towel or cloth to clean the jackets and hardcovers of the books. To make sure the sides are tidy, fasten a tiny, soft brush to the end of your vacuum hose and use it to clean the sides. If there are remaining dirt on the covers of your book, use a damp cloth and allow them to dry entirely before placing back the jackets and putting them in place.
  4. Clean your chairs and tables. It’s better to read in a tidy environment—one with no clutter. Clean up your desks and tables using warm, soapy water and drying them off with a towel or cloth. Also, clean your lamps using dry cloth (ensure that it’s not plugged). Remove table and chair marks using with soapy water as well. If the marks are still visible, spray dilute vodka or vinegar and gently rub them.
  5. Clean the windows. Use a damp sponge to do this. You might need a pail of water near you when you perform this step.
  6. Clean the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the whole library floor. If necessary, mop the floor to remove the stains and the collected filth.
  7. Return the shelves and the books. Once everything—floor, shelves, books, chairs, and tables—is dry, return them to their respective positions.

Home Library

Voila! A tidy, fresh, inspiring library! I assure you, after doing these steps, you might never want to get out of the library!

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Reading Books: Important Lessons We Should Know About

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For some people, reading books is something only done when there’s an upcoming examination. But for other people, reading books is something done whenever they want to learn more about certain things. It’s also something done when there’s a crushing feeling of exhaustion from your day job or when there’s a pining feeling of connection from your loved ones.

That being said, here are the important lessons we should know about reading books:

It teaches us the importance of learning. It also teaches us the value of time.

As they say, time spent on learning is time spent well. This is what reading books can teach us. Instead of playing video games the entire day, why not read books like Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy? Instead of watching TV shows the entire day, why not read books like Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series? The key here is learning a thing or two, no matter what book you are reading and no matter how many books you are reading within a period of time – rather than letting the time pass by without getting your brain active.

It teaches us the importance of living. It also teaches us the value of others.

Let’s face it. We now live in a world dominated by social media and other technology forms. Reading books will not just teach us that there are things best experienced without pasting your fingers on the keyboard, but also teach us the importance of living. Reading books will also not just teach us that there are things best seen without gluing your eyes on the computer, but also teach us the value of others. What’s more, both of these can be done by letting you reconnect with nature as you read a book in parks or letting you reconnect with others as you read a book with them.

Any other important “lessons learned book” we should know about? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How to Read More Books in a Year


Reading is easily one of the best pastimes to have. It is both relaxing and stimulating. And the more you read, the more you learn a lot about different things. You only have to observe the bookworms around you to notice that they are among the smartest bunch of people you know. If you are not much of a reader, it is not too late to amp up your game. Now is always a good time as any to pick up the habit or read more than you usually do. Here’s how you can read more books in a year.

Take the “no excuses” approach

If you think you do not have the time to read, think again. Everyone gets busy at some point. But even most successful people in the world who also happen to be among the busiest have time to read. One of the first steps to getting more reading done is to take the “no excuses” approach. To do that, you just have to carve out some chunks of reading time every day.

Choose to use your time wisely

Take a look at your daily schedule and see which activities you spend your time on. List down the things that you usually do that are unrelated to your work. If you spend a lot of time watching TV or browsing sites on your computer, you can make better use of the time by catching up on some reading.

Make it easier to grab a book

It is much easier to read when you have access to a lot of good books. You can either buy new or second-hand books or visit a public library near you to borrow some. You can also borrow from friends or join book swap events in your community.

Come up with a book list


Challenge yourself to read more by coming up with a must-read list. You can check literary sites for recommended readings. You can also check the book lists of some of the most successful people you admire and pick up some titles that you want to read.

Persist but keep it fun

For non-readers, reading can be tedious at some point. It can be tempting to stop and leave the book unfinished. But if you want to read more, you have to keep going. Persist but not to the point that you begin to hate what you are doing. Find ways to make reading a pleasant experience. You can find a cozy place to read or challenge yourself to finish a number of pages or chapters then reward yourself with a treat.

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